Introducing ‘We’-a tribute to modern day life and living. This is not your usual lifestyle magazine-rather, it is a hi-res snapshot of the moods and moves that define our journey today. Through its pages, ‘We’ will take you on a ride packed with adventure, guaranteed to reinforce your preference for everything fine and fabulous. ‘We’ is not a one-time read; it is an experience-a mission to make better sense of the world we live in.  So, join us on this unforgettable ride, be a part of this togetherness.

WE is a global product designed and developed by a global team of editors, designers and news gatherers passionate about making a difference in the way news is produced and presented. We believe that news is about the entire experience-right from the way it is sourced and curated, down to the way the reader gets to read it. Every detail counts and every tiny step makes a difference. We make sure to put in our best so that we bring out the best.

When we planned this magazine, there were those who were sceptical about bombarding the already crowded market with another luxury & lifestyle product. But eventually, we convinced them that the market needed a different product-one that clearly stood out from its competitors and offered readers a different and more wholesome product.

So what makes us different? Firstly, we’re about exclusivity-we bring ONLY those news items we believe add value to our readers’ lives. The sundry, everyday snippets of news that hits our device screens everyday-murder, blood, gore and political intrigues-don’t have a place in our journey. The WE team is committed to making this portal a happy place with luxury and fine living for company. Then again, we pride ourselves on seeing a different side, ie, giving readers what they want, instead of what WE THINK they need. So, our news is short succinct and engaging. Every piece is a window into a whole new world of adventure and style that stops before it gets monotonous. We also give our readers plenty of space to interact with us and join us in our conversation.