Gentile, the Other

Contempt for the other flows in our blood, The ‘other’ remains untouched and unsacred, They need conversion, they need sanctification, Race, inhumanity, and contempt for the other dwell within our DNA. Uprooting the other becomes […]

The Mist of Rememberence ..

Falling flower scene… It’s your rememberence .. Wetting eyelids ..unseen… It’s your rememberence .. Crying heart and soul…. It’s your rememberence.. Loneliness and dark within . It’s your remembrence .. Passing night .long so long […]

Ethos of Might

The lie courted  Seldom dispersed. The truth, faded. Hurt revered.  Faint the bells distant  Saint , the crystals!  Paranoid the toast of breakfast  Hibernating the coffee cold.  Reel the system.  Fated, the dwindling difference!  Privilege […]

Future Weather

Whether it was the 8th of October 9th of November 10th of December doesn’t matter ~ memory’s disassembler ~ just the present precipitation from all that happened The salt that seasons our seconds cinnamon minutes […]

The Body of Light

Dearest, I’ll seek the secret to liberation, as soon as this bed lets go of me. In a dream I waited in line for communion at Christmastime. When I reached the beaming priest, he held […]