A half-naked man, short in stature with a dark complexion, looking like just he’d just arrived after toiling hard in a paddy field, walked towards the church. His only attire was a hand- woven wheatish-coloured towel around his waist, which matched the colour of the earth. 
He moved swiftly in the direction of the church and carried a peacock feather in his hands. 

 It was a Sunday morning. Worshippers were gathered in the church. Many of them could be seen standing outside and watching the altar on a big screen. So many were they, that they numbered more than the people inside.  
The congregation was led by the choir with their Western classical songs. The chief priest and the Presbyterians were in the altar. They were getting ready to serve bread and wine for the holy communion to be served to the public.
The man neared the church. By now, he was waving the feather. As he approached, one could make out that he was not alone. Rather, he was accompanied by around four to five people who walked close behind him. 
They moved quickly and entered the worshipper’s area. By now, the gathering could see him waving the feather in swift strokes. Within a few seconds, as the group moved in, the entire congregation went into deep slumber. The man walked till the altar and returned. 
The entire congregation lost consciousness by now. 
The man, accompanied by his companions, swiftly left the compound. Those who were outside the church watching the event through the big screen, also went into slumber.

Note: This is written based on a dream I had.

#Peacock feather symbolizes hope, faith, and renewal. Different spiritual traditions consider it differently, but it has a divine aura in all faith traditions.



Why Are Peacocks Considered Symbols Of The Resurrection?

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