Women are born entrepreneurs: Harpreet Ahluwalia, Earthly Creations

Award-winning entrepreneur Harpreet Ahluwalia,  CEO & Founder of Earthly Creations, a Noida, Delhi based Green Enterprise focussed venture,  says Women are born entrepreneurs. They are often excellent quality controllers and team managers. They are also good human resource managers and many more.

Harpreet was talking to Anita Joseph in an interview, “Entrepreneur Spotlight” at TDW YouTube Channel. According to her what makes an entrepreneur different is the ability to identify the unarticulated needs of a society/consumers and make a business proposition out of those opportunities. 

Harpreet’s Earthly Creations is a socio-economic venture that equips artists with opportunities to generate sustainable employment. Earthly Creations works with potters and rural artisans to enrich their lives, since being in the informal sector makes them vulnerable to many challenges. Over 4,500 + designs in animal+ bird shaped pots are created by potters( 10 woman) in 6 clusters over 8 states pan India, where in a sustainable and scalable livelihood is provided to them. Earthly Creations has changed the way corporate gifting, and employee felicitations are done- where in the aim is Love an animal, gift a plant, now and always. Over 100,000 products are adoring the likes of people who care to make this planet a better way to live in.



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