Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Findeis: A Lifelong Advocate for Dialogue & Interfaith Understanding

Prof. Dr. Findeis embodied the essence of an ancient Indian sage, seemingly traversing the boundaries of time and space, as if a reincarnation, to impart wisdom within the hallowed halls of Western academia. His noble mission was to illuminate the Western world with a profound understanding of the intricate and spiritually profound traditions that have graced the Orient for millennia.

Gentile, the Other

Contempt for the other flows in our blood, The ‘other’ remains untouched and unsacred, They need conversion, they need sanctification, Race, inhumanity, and contempt for the other dwell within our DNA. Uprooting the other becomes […]

The Mist of Rememberence ..

Falling flower scene… It’s your rememberence .. Wetting eyelids ..unseen… It’s your rememberence .. Crying heart and soul…. It’s your rememberence.. Loneliness and dark within . It’s your remembrence .. Passing night .long so long […]