Once, we facilitated a Holocaust

Once, we facilitated a Holocaust

Autocratic and authoritarian rule of the Roman Empire endures through us

We inherited this autocratic structure from the Romans,

From the Romans to the Church, to the Nazis and Fascists.

No room for democracy, as democracy and discussions are frowned upon by God.

It seems we’re destined to witness another Holocaust,

A dark tradeoff for centuries of Jewish persecutions.

We persecuted Jews,

Facilitated a Holocaust,

Our pulpits once preached Jewish hatred,

Injecting venom instead of love.

On Good Fridays, we loudly blamed Jews for the Crucifixion.

Jews vanished,

Fleeing to India, Russia, and beyond, seeking refuge.

From Judaism to Islam,

Our ire now shifts from Jews to Islam.

Today, we’re worried about terrorism,

So we seek to punish terrorists.

We’re concerned about Manipur,

So we yearn for vengeance against India.

Preachers preach day and night about a second coming,

Proclaiming the world is approaching its end,

With Jesus making a return.

But it seems we’re destined to repeat the crucifixion.

Today, the Church remains silent,

Spiritual leaders and priests stay quiet,

Advocating retribution,

Stoking the faithful for action from the pulpit.

Yes, we’re on a missionary path,

Aiming to make this world more peaceful,

From war to destruction,

Destruction to violence,

Learning lessons from violence,

Guided from chaos towards PEACE.

History repeats,

We facilitate persecutions,

And Holocausts.

We’ve cultivated autocratic regimes,

Our institutional structures are autocratic.

Holocausts, slavery, and persecutions are ingrained in the DNA of our system.

P. koshy, 21 October 2023




P. Koshy P. Koshy Columnist|Entrepreneur|Development Professional. Believes in freedom and human potential. Writes/Comments on #Economy#Business#Politics He can be reached at p.koshyin@gmail.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/pkoshyin

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