Anonymous ……existence of mine


I know ….

my existence..

Is anonymous.

I know that you will read 

silent language of my eyes..

 you will know all the, secrets of my  heart…

 and then…..

 Pieces of love will be borne by your heart ….

 they will exist  because of me…

 but  ….

I will not be there ….

but disappear in the Mist of unknownness

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will search you always around the mist 

say a line of love and go then.



Jyotsna jha Based in India . working with Nationalised Bank since last 12 years . # Poems and short stories published :In national news papers and national magazines. Poems get published in more than 50 books In India. # Worked as an Editor ,in more than 5 books. # Golden book of world records for participating in world longest online poetry show .

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