The lie courted 

Seldom dispersed.

The truth, faded.

Hurt revered. 

Faint the bells distant 

Saint , the crystals! 

Paranoid the toast of breakfast 

Hibernating the coffee cold. 

Reel the system. 

Fated, the dwindling difference! 

Privilege loves handicap, 

For handicap breeds power. 

Abled the New Power…. 

The bridge in the Gap.

When Real collides… 

The shield shines. 

When heeded the bracing thunder 

When heeded the bracing shudder

Fated the Dislike.

When one rises,

One must fall twice. 

When one rises…. 

One must hone the dice. 

The play of crystals 

Or the shining sunlight 

The fate of the twisted ? 

Or Ethos of Might? 

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