We are all immigrants today

We have no roots

We are all uprooted 

We are virtual 

We are virtual immigrants 

But yet we are all reality 

Our existence have no proof

Our identity is virtual identity 

Facebook, twitter, instagram or linkedin give us an identity

Posting images, videos and making comments creates our identity 

Content forms our personality 

What we express at virtual social world creates our avatar

We all together give colors and forms to the world 

We decide who is who

We decide what is good morality

We decide what is good ethics and practices

We decide what should be the democracy?

Our opinions and postings are like waves of the ocean 

At our deepest soul, we waver 

What we post and comments are momentary thoughts?

Thus i am an immigrant want to waver, explore, being uprooted and being a virtual reality 

Even what we sense with our fingers are not real says the Ecclesiastes

(P. Koshy)

11 January 2023 

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