Let there be peace

Let us stop wars

Let nations scrap their weapons

Let us stop killings for peace

Why are there military alliances?

Why are there nuclear weapons?

Why are there tanks and artilleries?

Why more research on weapons?

Let us make a new Bible for a peaceful world

Let us stop interpreting holy books for warmongers

Let us write a new song of peace 

Let us rewrite our Bibles for a warless world

Why do we spend money for discussing defence treaties?

Why do we fund peace conferences?

Why do we fund research to end poverty?

Why don’t we allow people to have the freedom to end their poverty?

What did we learn from Kurukshetra?

What did we learn from the world wars?

What did we gain from the Arms race?

What did the poor gain from wars and global efforts for peace?

We fight wars for Arms-makers

We fight wars for military alliances

We fight wars and battles for our leaders

We fight wars for those who negotiate at the UN

Let us chant shanti mantras 

Let there be shanti

Let there be shalom

Om Shanti!

BY. P. Koshy

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