• Content in the Digital Age
  • Anita Joseph
  • Published by
  • TDW Productions & Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-93-91828-25-7
  • Pages: 136 

In this book, Anita Joseph argues that If you want great content, stop trivialising digital content creation. Invest in a great team that can translate your vision, plans and market goals into reality. This creates a positive perception, builds a favourable mindset for your brand in the market and equips consumers to make important decisions. 

She says content creation is no longer ‘’just’’ an activity, it is the cornerstone of the growth and progress of any business venture. Not only does it require great skill and finesse, but it also requires a keen eye on the market, extensive research capabilities, a creative mindset and great agility. That’s not all: Digital is twice as fast as print, both in implementation and impact. Also, to be able to keep pace with market trends and to know what your business needs, digital is more effective.

Evolving digital content landscape requires a modern marketing approach. Digital transformation is an inevitable process and if you haven’t begun it already, you’re likely to fall out of the reckoning really quick. Content is an part of this transformation. It represents the face of the digital world – this is where its potential and possibilities are concretised. Most businesses fail because they underestimate the power of their content—they fail to articulate their content goals and marketing tactics—as a result of which even the brightest of business ideas flounder and die.

This is a book targeted at entrepreneurs, SMEs and others who are in the business space. Others who would like to understand the potential of digital media-social media will also benefit. 



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